Harvest Leaves and Roses

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It is said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. If that is true, then Harvest Leaves and Roses will emerge as a riveting salute to T.S. Eliot and Walt Whitman. With neither pretense nor ornamentation, Peavy continues the project of Eliot in freeing poetry from its straitjacket of sentimentality and rhyme while accentuating Whitman’s sensuality. Yet, this volume is not just about imitation. It digs deep into the zeitgeist of the 20th Century and exposes it for what it is with fresh insight and the skill of a linguistic surgeon. However, there is neither anger nor condemnation within the pages of this book of poetry. Instead, there is warmth, hope, and an abiding tenderness. Although many subjects are treated herein, they are all done so in the rhythm of life and the spirit of the upward spiral of humanity which continues even in the darkest of times. This small volume of poetry is big in its call to come to the harvest and taste of the fruit of life. Baby Boomers have gathered around at parties to guess the cultural references while church groups have gathered together to witness to the biblical references. Now that is poetry at its finest